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If you want
To become a professional photographer
To be keen in photo
Become famous in
Make money on
your hobby
Find new friends with the
same hobbies as yours
Take part in different
What will you get to know
The basic knowledge about the camera - how does it work.

Exposure (time-exposure, aperture, sensitiveness)

Shooting mode and all the details connected with it
The camera lens and the focal length

White balance and color. Making photos in different styles. Work with a flash.
Editing photos. Mobile applications for editing photos.

Ways how to make photos for Instagram. Tips for popularity.

Developing a plan for your personal account.
Ways how to become a popular photo-blogger. Examining blogs of other famous people.

Ways how to make money with photos - clients, studio, promotion. Work with the partnership programs, developing and popularization of your own account.
How does it work?
You will get 4 lessons with theoretical information - video, text and examples
Complete a test in the last lesson.
Get a certificate!
You will go through 10 levels of Marathon. The winner wil get an exalted prize for developing own photo-business
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Who is worth to be a participant?
Do you have your own business?
Create one more source of income with the help of your Instagram. Lots of stores sell their products in such a way.
Are you fond of making photos?
We will teach you how yo make ideal photos indeed.
Would you like to make money on Internet?
A popular Instagram account and a website - are another sources of income for you.
Would you like to make friends with other bloggers?
You will have an opportunity to take part in defferent projects with other famous bloggers.
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And what will be if…
… I don`t have a camera?
To take part in our marathon you need to have at least a smartphone. Digital camera will be an ideal variant. If you dont have it, you can borrow it. Be creative, think of something to become a cool photographer.
… I cannot complete the task?
Our rules are really easy - no finished test - no certificate.
...I don`t understand the lesson?
Feel free to ask your mentor and he will help you. Your task is to learn and to do your best to achieve your goals. We will help you!
How will I get to know that everything is fine?
Your coach will check your answers. If everything is alright - you will get your own e-certificate via email.
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